I went through school, college and university with fairly good grades and absolutely no idea about what I wanted to do for a job. My degree was in graphic design as I’m not bad with a pencil and it seemed like something I should enjoy, but I didn’t. After university I entered the world of full-time employment and came to the conclusion that I had been right all along – graphic design was not for me and now I really didn’t know what to do.

I went from job to job using my customer service experience and computer skills to gain employment and finally found myself working as a Legal Secretary. I stuck this out for five years. Five long, miserable years stuck behind a desk, getting panic attacks from the ever mounting work load and feeling almost buried alive that I was going to spend the rest of my life hating my job and how unfair it all seemed. I used to cry a lot.

Then one day I met a girl called Tamatha who drove a tipper truck for a living. I told her how much I loved the sound of her job and she said how much she loved it and it got me thinking. I’m a skinny, blonde, 5’9″ girl who loves My Little Pony and I’m not particularly strong – not someone you would put in a trucker’s job really – but I don’t give up easily and I’m willing to have a go and I started to wonder if I could do it.

I looked into the wages for HGV drivers and even Class 2 (rigid lorries) blew my Legal Secretary wage out of the water. I realised that I could be outside all day, driving around (which I love anyway) listening to music, and doing a job that felt worth doing. One of the things I hated so much about being a Legal Secretary was the endlessness of the work and how whatever you left the day before would be there waiting for you the next day. Forever. I start feeling panic again just remembering it now. With an HGV job every day is different and once the job is done, it’s done. I had decided.

I looked for a training company and found SRTS. They stuck out to me with their friendly tone and professionalism so I gave them a call and timidly asked if I could sign up for my HGV Class 2 Licence. They were so helpful and encouraging that a lot of my fears were instantly calmed and I started to really look forward to the week long course.

In the meantime I found myself a second part-time job as an Asda Delivery Driver as I reasoned it would give me a taste of driving for a living and I could get some experience driving a larger vehicle than a car. Once I started that job I knew I’d found what I wanted to do.

I took my Class 2 driving test and passed first time thanks to Jim at SRTS and the encouragement of the whole team. The weeks training was so much fun and I was made to feel incredibly welcome. They went on to recommend an agency and in October 2016, only 5 months after deciding to go for it, I was a fully employed Class 2 Driver.

I’ve been working as an HGV Driver for six months now and I love my job. The days can be long and the starts can be early but I would never do anything else. I love the satisfaction of doing the job well, of being a professional driver and the freedom I feel every day. I’m taking my Class 1 test at the end of this month and I just want to keep learning and trying new things.

So if you feel trapped in your job, I couldn’t encourage you more to just have a go at something new, whether that’s driving HGVs or something else and if it is driving HGVs then call SRTS – they’re the best!