Terms & Conditions SRTS Limited


Short notice cancellations or change of start date will incur a charge. Any training or booking agreement is deemed as confirmed whether it is made by telephone, verbally, by email or by letter. The training is deemed as booked by any of the above methods where a non refundable deposit of £200 will be taken.  The remaining balance will need to be paid 14 days before the course start date. Late cancellation of any booked course may be subject to our cancellation charges. As listed below:

We require written notification to cancel ANY booked training or change start date
If you cancel the course within 14 working days of the start date 50% of training costs due.
If you cancel the course within 7 working days of the start date 75% of training costs due.
If you cancel on start day, without notice, hold the wrong provisional licence or fail to attend then 100% of training costs are due. Please note we will pursue payment of any cancellation fee due, with legal action if necessary & without further notice. Candidates are advised to consider arranging cancellation insurance.

Please note in the unfortunate event of you not passing your test first time a re-test fee is charged at £307.00 which includes test fee, use of our vehicle, an hours tuition before the test and VAT. Any additional training required before the test would also incur an extra cost.

It is the candidate’s sole responsibility to ensure they hold the correct provisional licence for the training course they have booked. Please note: Lorries OVER 7.5 tons require a Cat. C or C+E Provisional. A Category C1 provisional is ONLY for a 7.5 ton small lorry. Articulated Lorries require a C+E Provisional licence.

All training is undertaken entirely at customers own risk. No liability will be accepted by SRTS Limited for any injury, loss or damage whatsoever whether caused by negligence of SRTS Limited, their employees, servants or agents or otherwise. The Candidate’s attention is drawn to our Risk assessment / Health & Safety policy which is open for their inspection anytime during office hours and displayed in our office at SRTS Limited The Granary, Westpoint, Exeter, EX5 1DJ.

Please note:     

As all LGV candidates are already holders of a full Category B car driving licence, they should be familiar with the Highway Code and skilled in the requirements of driving a motor vehicle, it is not possible for an Instructor to foresee and take the relevant action for every potential hazard.  There are many different and varying degrees of risk whilst driving a motor vehicle but these are of a similar and familiar nature to those encountered everyday by an experienced car driver. There are, obviously, many differences between driving cars and Large Goods Vehicles; this forms the basis of the training course. As a qualified car driver the candidate will need to assume some degree of responsibility for their actions during the training course.

H & SAWA Section 7  (7a). DUTY OF CARE

Candidates & employees have a duty of care to:

Take care of themselves and others, (in so far that is reasonably practical), who may be affected by their acts OR omissions.

Customer’s vehicles may be parked on site but only in spaces as advised by SRTS Limited staff.

The use of parking facilities at SRTS Limited is entirely at your own risk, or owner of the vehicle. No liability will be accepted by SRTS Limited for any injury, loss or damage whatsoever whether caused by negligence of SRTS Limited, their employees, servants or agents or otherwise whilst the vehicle is parked or is entering or leaving the site.

Candidates for Category B+E (Car & Trailer) Category C (Rigid), Category D (Coach) & Category C+E (Artic) are respectfully reminded to bring their driving licence.

Cat. C1,C, C+E & Cat. D candidates must bring their LGV / PCV Theory & Hazard Perception Pass Certificates.
Cat. C1,C, C+E & Cat. D candidates must also bring their “Driver CPC Case Study” Pass Certificate. When attending for their CPC Practical examination.

Please note: the reverse exercise is tested by us now meaning you only go to the test centre for the driving part of the test, the first reverse fee is included in your LGV course price, however if you are unsuccessful with the reverse there will be in most circumstances another opportunity for you to take it again but there would be a charge of £40.00 for the retest. Please note you have to have passed the reverse before you can go for the practical test. Once the reverse is passed you are given a certificate which is valid for 6 months.

Changes to Government Legislation on C+E Training:

Please be aware that due to the new changes of being allowed to take the C+E Licence from a Cat B, we strongly advise to take a two week course. However, we understand that this may not always be a viable option for candidates due to their financial circumstances. Therefore one week courses are available under the condition that the candidate must be aware that if he or she is not considered as being Road safe the test will NOT be taken and therefore the test fee will be forfeited. He or she will then be required to undertake additional training at cost before being allowed to take the test.

We here at SRTS Ltd have a duty and responsibility that all candidates who we present for test are at a Road Safe Standard.

Please contact the office directly if you have any questions, wish to discuss anything further or any concerns you may have when making a booking.