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Welcome to Steve Robertson Training Services (SRTS Limited)
Driver Training for Exeter, Plymouth, Devon, Cornwall and Somerset

The modern day professional driver must be a combination of a qualified and competent driver, with relevant and up to date skills. In addition to this, the driver must have the necessary ability to conduct themselves in a professional manner throughout their career.

Whether the training undertaken is a practical driving course or classroom based tuition, all SRTS instructors, including Steve Robertson, have many years experience in the road transport industry.


This ensures that your training will cover many aspects of road transport operations and not just how to pass a test. The experience of the instructors is far reaching, including former international operators, Grade 6 ADI instructors, drivers and ex DSA examiners; gaining the business a reputable stance in the transport world.

Our overall pass rate is more than 90%, first time pass rate is approximately 70%.

Why choose Steve Robertson Training Services?

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Current DSA figures for the Overall National U.K. Driving Test pass rates are:

42.3 % for Car (Category B)
 44.1 % for Bus (Category D)
46.7% for Lorry (Category C)


We specialise in training drivers for :

Special Offer 5 day Intensive LGV Driving Course

£880 + VAT including.

A FREE Theory Training Day !

For a limited period a totally free
Theory Training Day for all candidates booking
our 5 day intensive driving course



lorry driver training

LGV Theory Training in our well equipped classroom, JAUPT Approved CPC Periodic Training Centre, 1 to 1 LGV Driver Training Consultancy. Established in Devon since 1989 We have always only specialised in Vocational Licence Training

During the Driver training course you will receive tuition in many aspects of Road Transport and not just "how to pass the Test". Reversing is taught and practiced at the Training Centre on our own practice area. Our training vehicles are "proper realistic sized" lorries !! 

Our aim is to further road safety and produce Professional "thinking" drivers who are safety conscious and set a good example to other road users, by continually demonstrating their own high standards and skills.


Cutting corners with a "short" training course could end up costing you more, rather than saving money!

lorry driver training Today’s traffic and the many developments which are occurring in the design and construction of modern Large Goods Vehicles and Large Passenger Carrying Vehicles (LGVs & PCVs), demand especially high skills from those who drive them.

The purpose of the Large Goods Vehicle driving test is to make sure that those who want to drive them, have the necessary driving ability and skills to ensure that they are driven with the utmost safety and with courtesy and consideration for ALL other road users.

The mark of a good driver; forward vision, planning and above all demonstrating courtesy and consideration to other road users. The new periodic Driver CPC ensures Professional Drivers are kept up to date with current legislation, driving techniques and practices.

When you pass the Test and continue to drive to the standard it sets. You will have then earned the right to be considered among the top flight of Professional Drivers. The old image of the courteous Knight Of The Road is a worthy one to strive for!

(South West Driver Training) Lorry Driver Training (Steve Robertson DTp. A.D.I.)

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Recent Testimonials

Hi Steve and Dave and all the team.
Just been checking where you have moved to, in case I need to drop in for coffee...  Looks like a major improvement from your previous premises, and the website looks good too, as usual.

I drove my best truck to date last Thursday; the red MAN TGS from AFS in Hampshire ( with the large blue cable drum, which excludes the 7.5 tonners I have driven too).  Sadly, I only drove it 10 miles as the job was moving a transformer costing £500,000, 400 metres across a factory site in the morning, and a local collection in the afternoon.  Still a very nice motor, even smelled 'new' too. I ALWAYS appreciate how well I was taught by you, Dave, every time I drive commercially, so a BIG THANKS again.

Thank you SRTS !!
A very big thank you to Steve and Dave  for helping me through to getting my C+E licence and a very big thank you to everyone at SRTS for all the support and encouragement , They was very informative in everything they tell you about the subjects they are teaching  you about, the atmosphere is next to none as its like a big family and they welcome you in and treat you as one.

Everything they do is to make it so easy for you to learn, it actually works and you pass with flying colours when it comes to the test !! I recommend SRTS Ltd to everyone who wishes to do qualifications in which they desire. The support they give throughout the course that you take is very comforting and for all these reasons above is why I recommend SRTS Ltd to everyone,  so don’t hang around if you want the qualification you need then give SRTS Ltd a call and get the qualification.
Jason McKean. Northampton.



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